• ُElite Membership

    Elite Membership program is specifically designed for students interested in developing themselves continuously. And always seek to update the knowledge of latest techniques and technology available.
    Hurry to get your membership to increase your points at Elite points program and get a discount of up to 100% on international tests and training courses as well as for scientific material for free!

  • Membership Benefits

    The idea of premium membership created through several measures pursued by National Education Network through our previous experiences, including:
    - Centralized customer service worldwide to coordinate between students and training centers.
    - Student can book his membership through phone by NEN ID and personal data.

  • Membership Types

    National Education Network offered many levels of Elite membership to suit all students needs and provide them with appropriate support
    1. Elite Silver Membership
    2. Elite Gold Membership
    3. Elite Platinum Membership
    4. Elite Diamond Membership

  • Membership Specialities

    National Education Network provides many fields of specialization within the Elite membership program to fit with the qualifications and needs of trainees
    - Software
    - Databases
    - Networking and communications
    - Information Security
    - Other fields

  • Microsoft

    Microsoft Volume Licensing helps to run the software more easily and at a reasonable price on multiple computers in an enterprise. And with software licenses through Microsoft Volume Licensing software license price will pay only. On the other hand, the program includes coated media (CD or DVD), plus user's Guide and other packaging materials.

  • Oracle

    Oracle's Global Pricing and Licensing organization is dedicated to establishing uniform corporate policies for Oracle's customers and partners, with overall objectives of implementing Oracle's pricing and licensing strategies worldwide. Our goal is to help you optimize your software investment by enhancing your understanding of Oracle's licensing and pricing practices.

Welcome to NEN - National Education Network

Welcome to National Education Network

National Education Network is a strategic project aimed at human resources development, to keep pace with the labor market requirements and provide real training service through specialized programs in the field of education...

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