Interactive learning is a tool of tools that support educational process and its transformation from indoctrination process to the process of creativity, interaction and skills development. Combines all electronic forms of teaching and learning, using the latest methods in education fields, publishing and entertainment depending on computers and its arguments storage and networks. Rapid shifts in technology have led to the emergence of new patterns of learning and teaching, which increases consolidation of the concept of self-study; where learner follow his learn according to his ability to learn and speed of understand., according to his previous experiences and skills. E-learning is one of these advanced types of so-called distance learning in general, especially computer-based learning. Where interactive learning mainly depends on computer networks in knowledge and skills transfer. It includes learning applications across web, virtual computer rooms and digital cooperation. Lessons content are provided online and through audio, video tapes and CDs.

NEN Interactive Learning Program

• It is an interactive learning system offered to trainee using communication and information technologies. Depends on the integrated digital electronic environment offers courses through electronic networks, provide ways of guidance, direction and tests organize, as well as management of resources, processes and evaluation.

• The importance of interactive e-learning in solving the knowledge explosion and the growing demand for education problem and broaden acceptance opportunities in education, as well as to enable training and education of workers without leaving their work and contribute to break the psychological barriers between instructor and learner as well as satisfy learner needs with raising revenue of investment by reducing cost of education.

• National Education Network prepares an integrated training plan to raise efficiency of participating instructors in interactive learning programs and use of modern educational technologies. To emphasize quality of interactive learning at the same quality of training courses within branches to become a basic platform of training pads provided by National Education Network to fulfill trainees requirements.